WISE Initiative Organization
A youth-led organization dedicated to advocating and educating about women's rights
and female empowerment encompassing Science Entrepreneurship to
reduce disparities associated with gender and healthcare.
"Creating with Science, Sharing through Entrepreneurship"
Our Statement
WISE is a youth-led organization, with the goal to provide opportunities for women and girls through the values of our pillars. All of our chapters, projects, and work contribute to fulfilling our mission of improving Thai Society, where feminism has only been slightly introduced, and gender disparities are still left untackled. 
We also work globally, share knowledge surrounding Science Entrepreneurship, as well as general women's rights, to expand these opportunities, reduce disparities, and ensure that women have the ability to reach their fullest potential. We aim to achieve what we believe to be the "Ripple Effect", where empowered girls continue to empower one another, creating an even stronger union. 
There is much around women in Science and Entrepreneurship, but our approach looks at how we can combine them, with the general idea of creating through science, and sharing through entrepreneurial skills.
- Founder and Executive Director, Pinmada (Mye) Makornwattana
Introducing Our Work
Our chapters help us to expand and increase our impact in different communities in Thailand. Chapters are led by students, with clubs and groups within their own schools. Chapters work to do service, spread awareness, educate, and amplify the voices of women around their area. 
Our projects fulfill our mission through our pillars. They involve our chapters, Thai and International schools, women's shelters in different areas, and/or the local Thai community.
The Ripple Post is a platform created by our Founder as a place for articles, and creative writing pieces such as poetry to be displayed. These pieces are open for everyone to read.
Our Conferences, Podcasts, and Writings are for a global audience, and also translated into Thai - to ensure that the entire Thai community has 100% access to it.
The focus of our work is based and concentrated in Thailand, but our resources are open to everyone and we are working to expand in chapters in South East Asia & have translations of our work for a variety of languages in countries that have a high Gender Inequality Index & do not use English. 
Make Change!
This Chapter Guidance helps you to start/lead a successful chapter, but you can also use it as a guide to lead any initiative! WISE promotes all kinds of advocacy, and this can help guide you to organize something for any cause that you are passionate about!
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