WISE Initiative
A youth-led organization dedicated to reducing healthcare disparity and empowering women in Science Innovation through resources, research and awareness.
"Creating with Science, Sharing through Entrepreneurship"
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Our Statement
WISE is a youth-led organization, with the goal to provide opportunities for all youths and advocate for girls and women in the field due to the underrepresentation and inequalities in the science and business field.
All of our chapters, projects, resources, and work contribute to fulfilling our mission of reducing healthcare disparities through empowerment and education surrounding the concept of Science Entrepreneurship, and advocating for women's rights, specifically in countries with high inequality and less prevalence of the feminist movement.

Through Science Entrepreneurship, ideas and innovations can be created through science and implemented to make an impact with entrepreneurial skills such as pitching.
Introducing Our Work
Our chapters help us to expand and increase our impact in different communities in Thailand. Chapters are led by students, with clubs and groups within their own schools. Chapters work to do service, spread awareness, educate, and amplify the voices of women around their area.

Our resources provide aid for people who want to create scientific innovations that are beneficial to our society and learn more about science/medicine to help tackle healthcare disparities.

The Ripple Post is a platform created by our Founder as a place for articles regarding various service-related endeavors, and creative writing pieces such as poetry to be displayed. These pieces are open for everyone to read.

Our Conferences, Podcasts, and Writings are for a global audience, for WISE to collaborate with different organizations and expand our impact as these platforms are open for a global audience and can be shared.
Make Change!
This Chapter Guidance helps you to start/lead a successful chapter, but you can also use it as a guide to start & lead any initiative! WISE promotes all kinds of advocacy, and this can help guide you to organize something for any cause that you are passionate about!
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