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Learn Business and Science Innovation
WISE introduces a course from experts in the field of entrepreneurship. At a reasonable price, for highschool students, our Founder has organized annual Business Camps. These camps teach students about business, pitching, presenting, and more. In these camps, students are able to explore Science Innovation, by applying scientific studies and facts to their ventures that will benefit society as they will be merit goods or services. 
This is in affiliation with the Bangkok Student Entrepreneurial Tryouts (BEST), organization, where our Founder is the Lead in Communication and Start-Ups. After the camp, the teams will be able to pitch their ventures in the competition in front of a panel of judges. The top-ranking teams receive funding to start up their ventures in the real world. 
Sponsored students 130,000 baht to make the camp more accessible and provide this funding.
Information on the Courses:
These courses are taught by Reactor School (www.reactor.school), and organized/lead by our Founder alongside the Bangkok Student Entrepreneurial Tryouts Team.
Click on the buttons below for more in-depth information on each of the courses. 2 separate courses are provided, the introductory and advanced. The Introductory is for anyone at the high school level. While the Advanced is for graduates of the Entrecamp or those who already have a business-education background through school or other courses, teaching at the university level.
View the posters for information specific to the camp organized by our Founder and the Bangkok Student Entrepreneurial Tryouts team. (click to view in full-screen)
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