Donating food to those in need during the unemployment and food shortage crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Once founder, Pinmada Makornwattana (Mye), heard a story from her parents friend who is a doctor at a clinic that a man came into the clinic to ask for nothing but a bag of rice. This man begged the doctor and said that he had to feed his children who were starving at home during the pandemic. With lack of employment and major economic collapse, people who lived by their day-to-day salary were the first to struggle as they could no longer afford basic humans needs. Once the doctor purchased the bag of rice for this man, he went down and "wai"'d (pray in Thai, a manner of showing great gratitude and respect) the doctor at his feet. After hearing this story, Mye realized something had to best help all people in need. Although many shelter-visits, teachings, and more were stopped, Mye quickly realized that basic human needs need to be provided to those who are struggling most from the pandemic. This project came to be as Mye organized a Saturday to cook 150 meals to donate to the temple where people were waiting to receive this food. 

With a team of over 10 people, including Co-Founder: Firuza Wadia, led by the Founder and Executive Director: Pinmada Makornwattana, 150 meals of chicken, pork, egg and rice were made during 7am-10:30am and donated to the temple at 11:00am. The process was very long, with buying food in bulk days prior, and preparing the meals as we cooked "Thai" style for the locals, which meant marinaded chicken and no bulk-cooking. 


Here is a video filmed by our founder of the entire process (4-5 hours), that she edited into 1-2 minutes:

150 meals cooked and served