The Story behind the Founding of Women in Thailand


After a process of self-discovery during her transition from middle to high school, Mye finally settled on her love and passion for both science and business. The two worlds didn’t seem to collide. But with perseverance, she was able to decide the aspects of both science and business that she wanted to focus on most and pursue both. Mye’s confidence and drive stemmed from being empowered by the finding of her identity and true passions. Because she devotes her time into thinking about her character, how she can improve herself, and analyzing the person she is, Mye had a catalytic realization that led to the beginning of Women in Thailand. Long story short, Mye realized that once a person felt belonged and empowered, they would have the desire to do more for others and make true change in themselves and the world around them. When a person is empowered, as Mye was by the opportunities provided to her to find her passions and the embrace of her loved ones that led to her self-discovery, the catalytic changes transform them into a catalyst for change. An empowered changemaker will foster greatness around them, and inspire greatness in others -- creating the “ripple effect” of great change. Despite her goals to incorporate and pursue both her passions in her future, and delve deeper into the world of possibilities that unique combination provides, one of Mye’s most ambitious goals to create the ripple effect. She realized that empowering others through education, providing them with opportunities and demonstrating that there are limitless possibilities, will allow her to create this ripple. However, this wasn’t the only element that led to the beginning of this organization. Mye’s love for her country, culture, manners, people, and land led her to pinpoint the flaws that can be improved to further develop her home. Mye has expressed her conflicted relationship with Thailand through her poetry. Her love for it didn’t mean she didn’t notice certain systemic and societal shortcomings that needed to be changed. This goal was based around Thailand, because it was her heart, a place she can always depend on, come back to, and belong in. She has grown up and lived a large majority of her life in Thailand, and the country’s character played a significant role in the person she has become. The main issue Mye felt strongly about, and one that was possible for her to change was the underlying sexism in the Thai community. Not only did she hear sexist comments, stigmas, stereotypes, and beliefs all her life, even by those who supported women’s rights, but she heard stories about neglected survivors, sexual harassment and assault, the prevalence of human trafficking in Thailand, and all-things violation of women’s rights. All these 3 factors combined, led to the founding of Women in Thailand. 

Mye invited her friend, Firuza Wadia, someone she trusted and knew was passionate and knowledgable about women's rights and empowerment. Together, they started from nothing but ideas, with Firuza as Mye's her partner in consulting about concepts and decisions. After a few months, the current working system of Women in Thailand was solidified, with our Workshops, Chapters, Projects and Gallery, with updates of work we do surrounding and related to the mission of Women in Thailand.