Set the Trapped Bird Free

the beauty of the tides

match those of your eyes,

before they were imbued with

a shade of surrender,

that I couldn’t recognize.

the one that stained you,

ever since they pained you.

I wish I could turn back time.

you pretend to be fine,

hiding the tears behind your smile,

as you breathe in,



and another time.

but your truth, cannot hide for long,

the truth that will soon run out of lies.

so tell the world,

and set the trapped bird free,

for it to foster it’s own family,

and fly over the countries of the world,

and let everyone know it is alive --


free and true.

let the bird fly beyond the mountains,

and oceans that you, yourself

cannot touch on your own.

let the bird fly for other birds to see,

and be set free

to fly on their own.

let all the trapped birds fly.

fly, chirp, nest,

until people recognize this overpopulation,

and put it under control.

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