"Fight for the things you care about in a way that would lead others to join you" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Dear audience,

Our organization - WISE Initiative (Women in Science Entrepreneurship) - encourages Science Entrepreneurship and Innovation which can further develop our world, close inequality gaps, and allow marginalized groups to thrive and be self-sufficient. We focus on the improvement of healthcare in underdeveloped areas, and the root causes of healthcare inequality include educational and gender disparities (click the WISE logo to view our organization's main website).


There is great power in creating a "ripple" through our voice to encourage equality and empowerment, as the ripples we make touch others who become empowered and create ripples of their own - resulting in endless change and a true impact on the greater community.

Our Sections

The Sections within the Ripple Post all pertain to disparities and how we are able to reduce them. Especially focusing on the gender and healthcare disparities, and how that can be tackled on a wide scale through education and entrepreneurship. As well as general pieces on women's rights, accessibility to health, income inequality and much more. 

Articles are written by our writers to spread awareness, share relevant and simplified knowledge, amplify voices and bring attention to changemakers, issues and events. Poetry is our main art form of expression surrounding disparities. For the more controversial, opinionated, argumentative essays, we have our Op-Ed section for our audience to explore the viewpoints of the author.