WISE expands in chapters to ensure coverage of awareness and service in all communities. WISE is focused on countries that are lacking awareness around gender disparities and attention surrounding feminism and women's rights. Currently in Thailand, WISE has chapters across the entire country with local Thai and International Schools being involved. 
Chapters do not only serve WISE's goal to reach out to all areas of Thailand to foster impact and change on a wide-scale by changing mindsets, changing stigmas, and changing how the issue is approached and seen. It also empowers the chapter leaders and members. Our founder uses this system stemming from the idea of the "Ripple Effect", where empowered women will continue to empower and WISE's impact will ripple to all areas of this country by uniting young women. More chapter leaders and members mean more ripples and more reach to parts of the country that the WISE Executive Team Members alone cannot touch.
WISE's Chapter System is different from most others. We work very closely with every single one of our chapters, texting on an almost-daily basis and doing independent video calls mostly 1-2 times a month. We dedicate this time to chapters because, rather than fast expansion, we want to ensure that with us, the girls are truly empowered, and feel confident in doing their work, and using the opportunities that WISE can provide for them to reach their full potential.
WISE is continually working to expand in Thailand, and other countries with high Gender Inequality Indexes, and low awareness around gender disparities.
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It's simple! Read the Chapter Guidance Pamphlet below, then fill out the Chapter Contract and email it to​. Our team will reach out to you shortly.
This Chapter Guidance will help you lead a successful chapter.
Even if you're not interested in starting a WISE chapter, it's a great start for advice to any initiative, we suggest you take a read!
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